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Air Regulator: Suitable for metallurgical electromechanical, engineering machinery, transportation equipment, machinetools, and other industries.

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  • Especially the successful application in the field of food and packaging industry automation.
  • Can be safely used in food packages installed, cutting machine, vacuum film machine...
  • Safe applied to metallurgy mechanical and electrical, construction machinery...

Professional Pneumatic Automation Manufacturer

WENZHOU ANGRUI MACHINER Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various kinds of pneumatic fitting, plastic hoses, pneumatic component, air source, cylinder, solenoid valve, hydraulic valve, and All kinds of hardware products in China.

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The 13-year professlanal technlcall and purchasilng team.

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Accurately meet the various purchase needs of customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I trust you?

    Wenzhouangrui is honesty and loyalty. Our company has been audited and approved ISO9001, CE. Assessment report will could be sent to you by e-mail, slso. We are the alibaba's gold supplier since 2008. Now we have clients al around the world.
  • I would like to know if you have a partner for export?

    Yes. ANGRUI have the right to export and can sell product all over the world.

  • How does your factory do the quality control?

    Quality is priority, we always attach importance to quality control from the beginning to the end of the produ-tion. Every product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before packing and shipping.
  • Can I mix different power in one container?

    Yes, Different models can be mixed up in one container, even one order.

Latest News

PU Spring Recoil Tube High Pressure Red Flexible_yy.jpg
Tube And Part's operation procedure and development

The principle of Tube And Par is to control the direction of movement of the pneumatic system by the electrical system through the cooperation of the gas and oil type and to push the oil circuit for a linear round-trip movement, and in the round-trip movement, the signal detected from the trailing plate limit is used as the basis to control and change the gas. In the round-trip motion, the signal detected by the trailing plate limit is used as the basis to control and change the movement of the air and oil circuit, to achieve the expected route of tool travel. Next, let's take a look at the operating procedures and development of Tube And Part.

PU Spring Tube Pneumatic Hose Air Spiral Coil_yythk.jpg
Tube And Part solutions to common problems

At the end of the year, many Tube And Part customers still need to do a vital job after the next batch of goods on hand, that is, the maintenance of our Tube And Part in the case that Tube And Part are temporarily not needed. For companies that must produce and process pipe fittings, Tube And Part is an indispensable machine in our work, after a long period of operation, the parts will be damaged, so how to alleviate the rate of damage to Tube And Part? Here are some answers.

PU Spring Tube Pneumatic Hose Air Spiral Coil_yythk.jpg
How to buy Tube And Part?

There are many different kinds of Tube And Parts in the Tube And Part market, and there are several sub-categories of Tube And Parts with better precision and higher cost performance, such as manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and a new type of Intelligent Tube And Part. How choose a suitable and cost-effective Tube And Part for a pipe cutting and processing company requires certain skills and practical verification. How to choose a tube and part that saves labor and cost and has high-cost performance, you can start from the following aspects. Here are some answers.


We are produce the  brass,plastic ,iron and zinc alloy Material pneumatic fitting ,brass fitting ,Polyurethane Tube(PU tube),PU coil tube , PVC and nylon hose ,water hose .....

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