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CDU20-35D series free mounting pneumatic compact cylinder

  • CDU20-35D

YOU. Standard cylinder manufactured by means of our enterprise.

2. Piston adopts heterogeneous two-way seal structure. It has

sleek and stylish size and has your function of grease reservation.

3. Front cover has fixed bumper which often can reduce the impact of

direction change of this cylinder.

.There are a lot of modes of back cover, which makes the

installation of cylinder easier.

5. Front and back cover and s / s block adopt riveted

rolling packed structure to form a reliable connection.

6TH. The cylinder body has s / s pipes with high excellence

to produce high strength and corrosion resistance.

SEVEN. There are cylinders as well as mounting accessories with a considerable number of

specifications for your option.

8. All cylinders on this series have magnet.


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