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Wholesale One Touch Silver Metal Pneumatic Connectors Fitting



MPC Model[ØD-T]
Tube(Metric)-Thread(R) Tube(Metric)-Thread(G) Tube(Metric)-Thread(NPT)
4-M5 6-03 12-01 04-G01 08-G03 14-G02 1/8-U10 3/16-N03 3/8-N02
4-M6 8-01 12-02 04-G02 08-G04 14-G03 1/8-N01 1/4-U10 3/8-N03
4-01 8-02 12-03 04-G03 10-G01 14-G04 1/8-N02 1/4-N01 3/8-N04
4-02 8-03 12-04 06-G01 10-G02 16-G03 5/32-U10 1/4-N02 1/2-N02
4-03 8-04 14-03 06-G02 10-G03 16-G04 5/32-N01 1/4-N03 1/2-N03
6-M5  10-01 14-04 06-G03 10-G04
5/32-N02 5/16-N01 1/2-N04
6-M6 10-02 16-03 06-G04 12-G02
3/16-U10 5/16-N02
6-01 10-03 16-04 08-G01 12-G03
3/16-N01 5/16-N03
6-02 10-04
08-G02 12-G04
3/16-N02 3/8-N01

Metal fitting

One-touch joints used in pneumatic piping
Used for a wide variety of nodes to meet all needs

FeatureEasy to connect/disconnect tube by one touch
PC type is useful for piping in confined space. given its six-angle wrench processing inside Eilliptical sleeve makes it possible to aplly and remove the tube easily in confined space Fittings are equipped with a Ciasket, O-ring on the thread.

SpecificationsI. fluid type: air (no other gases or liquids)
2. working pressure: 0 to I50psi
3. Negative pressure:-29.5 in Hg
4. Applicable tube: polyuerethane and nylon
5.Standard: Metric, Inch, NPT

Professional ServiceI. Trade Mark: ANRUK
2.Price Tenn: FOB Ningho or FOB Shanghai
3.Packing: Plastic Bag, Small Box, Carton
4.Leading time: 10-15 Days
5.transportation: By Sea or Air(Ningho or Shanghai)
6.Ccrtification: IS09001:2008


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