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Classification and advantages of air cylinders

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Nowadays in many mechanized industries, it is often necessary to create linear movements during the operation sequence. An air cylinder, also known as an air cylinder, is one of the simpler and more economical solutions for actuators. An air cylinder is a mechanical device that converts the energy of compressed air into a scalable rotary motion.

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  • Classification of air cylinders

  • The advantages of the air cylinder

Classification of air cylinders

Pneumatic actuators convert the pressure energy of compressed gas into mechanical energy. There are two types of air cylinders: reciprocating linear motion and reciprocating oscillating. Do reciprocate linear motion of the air cylinder can be divided into the single-acting air cylinder, double-acting air cylinder, diaphragm air cylinder, and impact air cylinder 4 kinds.

1. Single-acting air cylinder: only one end of the piston rod, from the piston side of the air supply aggregation to generate air pressure, air pressure to push the piston to produce thrust out, by the spring or self-weight return.

2. Double-acting air cylinder: alternate supply from both sides of the piston, in one or two directions of output force.

3. Diaphragm air cylinder: with diaphragm instead of a piston, only in a direction of output force, with spring reset. It has good sealing performance, but a short stroke.

4. Impact air cylinder: this is a new type of component. It converts the pressure energy of the compressed gas into the kinetic energy of the piston's high speed (10-20 m/s) movement, lending to do work.

5.  Rodless air cylinder: there is no piston rod air cylinder general term. There are magnetic air cylinders, and cable air cylinders in two categories.

The reciprocating air cylinder called the swing air cylinder, by the blade will be separated into two cavities, the alternating air supply to the two cavities, the output axis to do swing movement, and swing angle less than 280 °. In addition, there are rotary air cylinders, gas-hydraulic damping air cylinders, and stepper air cylinders.

The advantages of the air cylinder

(1) The requirements of the user are low. The principle and structure of the air cylinder are simple, and easy to install and maintain, for the user's requirements are not high. The electric air cylinder is different, the engineer must have some electrical knowledge, otherwise, there is a high risk of damage due to misoperation.

(2) The output force is large. The output force of the air cylinder is proportional to the square of the bore; and the output force of the electric air cylinder and three factors, the bore, the power of the motor, and the pitch of the screw, the larger the bore and power, the smaller the pitch, the greater the output force. A bore of 50mm air cylinder, theoretical output force up to 2000N, for the same bore of the electric air cylinder, although different companies have different products, basically is not more than 1000N. The output force air cylinder is more advantageous.

(3) Adaptability. The air cylinder can work normally in a high and low-temperature environment and have dustproof, waterproof ability, and can adapt to a variety of harsh environments. And the electric air cylinder has a large number of electrical components, and the requirements of the environment are higher and less adaptable.

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