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The Role and Advantages of Pneumatic Quick Connectors

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Whether it is a pneumatic quick connector or a manual quick connector, it is a joint tool used for sealing connections. The difference is whether it is driven by air pressure or manually. In different application projects, the functions and advantages of pneumatic quick connectors are different. Let's take a look at two cases together.

1. Pneumatic quick connector is used for air tightness test of stainless steel pipe

Stainless steel tubes have smooth surface, high hardness, high temperature and high pressure resistance, and are often used as materials for precision parts of equipment. Qualification inspections are required for stainless steel pipes, which include air-tightness testing. According to the test feedback, the other end of the stainless steel pipe has been welded and sealed, and it is necessary to pressurize from the other end to test the tightness of the welded part. At this time, you can use the quick connector to adopt the outsourcing sealing connection, which can better ensure the speed of inflation.

Connect the corresponding air pipe with the installed connector. If it is used for automatic or semi-automatic operation, it is also necessary to connect the fixing hole with the corresponding cylinder clamp. Here, the pneumatic quick connector is used for the sealing connection of the pipe fittings, assists the test, improves the test efficiency and improves the test stability. Its advantage is that the pneumatic operation is more convenient, the sealing ring tightly hugs the pipe wall without causing scratches, and the sealing stability test results are more accurate.

pneumatic fittings

2. Pneumatic joints are used for sealing test of plastic pipe fittings

In practical applications, one end of the plastic pipe is connected to the equipment, and there are other ways to pressurize the inside of the equipment. The pneumatic quick connector here is used to block the nozzle. Plastic pipe fittings are generally not very hard, easy to damage, and easy to cause scratches. Due to mass production and testing, pneumatic joints are required to integrate automated operations. Its advantage is that it is friendly to the pipe wall of the test workpiece and will not cause scratches. It can be applied to a variety of pipe fitting materials and properties, and some hoses are also available; it is convenient for integrated automatic operation and improves efficiency.

pneumatic quick connectors are mostly used in industrial production testing, and are used to block the nozzles of connecting equipment to cooperate with leak detection equipment. Tests are completed efficiently and stably to improve production levels.

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