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What Should Be Paid Attention to when Using Pneumatic Joints?

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pneumatic fittings

1. Do not use connectors that do not match the specifications and brands.

2. Do not exceed the maximum working pressure value when using.

3. Do not use it outside the working temperature range to prevent wear or leakage of the sealing material.

4. Do not artificially hit, bend, stretch, and prevent damage.

5. Do not mix metal powder or sand dust at the joints to prevent poor work or leakage.

The link between the pneumatic joint and the equipment needs to rely on air pipes and air hoses

Common products are: coiled tubing without connectors, spring tubing with fittings, air hoses, tube clamps, tube manifolds, tube manifold caps, tube manifold fittings, hose cutters, copper Pipes etc. are used in combination:

Among them, in order to cooperate with the pneumatic quick connection joint, the key point is: spring tube with joint

Bong tube couplings connect pneumatic equipment together so that compressed air can be delivered from one location to another.

Why are spring tubes with joints useful?

The main advantage of using spring tube with fittings is that it offers more flexibility than straight tube as it can expand or contract as needed. This tubing can be used in a variety of applications including instrumentation lines, robotics and air tools.

Spring Tube with Fitting Type

This coiled tubing comes in a variety of connection types depending on the equipment it needs to be connected to, and with varying numbers of coiled tubing. They are also available in different lengths and can be made from a variety of different materials. Choosing which type of coiled tubing to use in your system will depend on whether you need greater flexibility, lighter material, high temperature resistance, or other priorities.

Compact Polyurethane Self Coil Air Hose, with R 1/4 Connector High quality compact polyurethane coil with male swivel fittings (PT) and springs at both ends. Resistant to kinks, abrasion oils, and increases the effective operating temperature range of nylon coils

Features and advantages of spring tube with joint:

Suitable for use with air tools, instrumentation lines, robotics and many other industrial applications, offering high flexibility, resistance to abrasive oils and kinks

Operating temperature range -20°C to +75°C

We are produce the  brass,plastic ,iron and zinc alloy Material pneumatic fitting ,brass fitting ,Polyurethane Tube(PU tube),PU coil tube , PVC and nylon hose ,water hose .....

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