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How to choose an air cylinder?

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A cylinder is a mechanical device that converts compressed air energy into reciprocating linear motion. Double-acting cylinders use compressed air to move the piston in and out, while single-acting air cylinders use compressed air for one-way motion and a return spring for the other. They have countless accessories like sensors to detect the position of the piston and different mounting accessories to mount the air cylinder or add parts at the end of the piston. Various industries that require linear motion use cylinders because they are simple to use and are a cost solution. They are also known as air cylinders. So, do you know how to choose a cylinder?

Here is the content list:

  • Selection of the type

  • Installation form

  • The size of the action force

  • Piston stroke

  • Piston movement speed

  • Cylinder movement speed.

Selection of the type

The correct type of cylinder is selected according to the working requirements and conditions. Require the air cylinder to reach the end of the stroke without shock phenomenon and impact noise should choose buffer cylinder; Require lightweight, should choose light cylinder; Require installation space is a narrow and short stroke, can choose thin air cylinder; Lateral load, optional with guide cylinder; Require high braking accuracy, should choose locking cylinder; Do not allow the piston rod rotation, can choose with the rod, not rotary function cylinder; High effective temperature environment needs to choose heat-resistant air cylinder; In a corrosive environment, need to Corrosion-resistant cylinder. In a dusty environment, you need to install a dust cover on the piston rod extension. In the case of non-pollution, an oil-free or oil-free lubrication cylinder is required.

Installation form

According to the installation location, the purpose of use, and other factors to decide. In general, the use of the fixed air cylinder. In the need to work with the body. Continuous rotation (such as lathes, grinding machines, etc.), should be selected with the rotary air cylinder. In addition to the requirements of the piston rod linear movement, but also need to make circular. When the arc swing, use a pin air cylinder. Special requirements should choose the corresponding special air cylinder.

The size of the action force

That is the choice of air cylinder diameter. According to the size of the load, force determines the cylinder output thrust and pull force. In general, according to the external load theory balance. Cylinder force is required by the conditions, according to different speed selection of different load rates, so that the air cylinder output force has a little margin. The cylinder bore is too small, the output force is not enough, but the air cylinder bore is too large, so the equipment is bulky, zinc increases ease increases the amount of gas consumption and wastes energy. In the fixture design, should try to use the force expansion mechanism, to reduce the cylinder shape size.

Piston stroke

With the use of the occasion and the stroke of the body, generally do not choose the full stroke, to prevent the piston and air cylinder head touch. Such as for clamping machines. If it is used for the clamping mechanism, the stroke should be increased by 10~20mm according to the calculation.

Piston movement speed

Mainly depends on the cylinder input compressed air flow, the size of the air cylinder inlet and exhaust port, and the size of the inner diameter of the pipe. High-speed movement is required to take the big value.

Cylinder movement speed

Cylinder movement speed is generally 50~800 mm/s. For a high-speed air cylinder, choose a large inner diameter air inlet pipe. For the case of load change, to get a slow and smooth movement speed can be used with a throttling device or gas-liquid damping cylinder, it is easier to achieve speed control. Selection of throttle control air cylinder speed to pay attention to the horizontal installation of the cylinder to push the load. Recommended exhaust throttle speed control; Vertical installation of the cylinder lifting the load recommended with the intake throttle speed control; Requires the end of the stroke to operate smoothly to avoid shock, should be selected. The air cylinder with the cushioning device should be used when the end of the stroke is required to operate smoothly to avoid shock.

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