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Introduction of air regulator

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Air regulators are divided into single-cooling air regulators and dual-use air regulators, which work on the same principle. The characteristics of Freon are: when it changes from gas to liquid state, it releases a lot of heat. And when it changes from liquid to gas, it absorbs a lot of heat. The air regulator is designed according to this principle.

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  • The principle of the air regulator process

  • Environmentally friendly air regulators work on the following principles.

The principle of the air regulator process

The compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant into high-temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant, and then sends it to the condenser (outdoor unit) to dissipate heat and become room temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant, so the outdoor unit blows out the hot air. Then it goes to the capillary tube and enters the evaporator of the air regulator (indoor unit). Since the space of the air regulator refrigerant suddenly increases and the pressure decreases after reaching the evaporator from the capillary tube, the liquid refrigerant will vaporize and become gaseous low-temperature refrigerant, thus absorbing a lot of heat and the evaporator will become cold, and the fan of the indoor unit will blow the indoor air through the evaporator, so the indoor unit blows out cold air. The water vapor in the air will condense into water droplets when it meets the cold evaporator and flow out along the water pipe, which is the reason why the air regulator will produce water. The air regulator heating has a part called a four-way valve, so that the flow of refrigerant in the condenser and evaporator in the opposite direction from the cooling, so when the heating outdoor blowing is cold air, the indoor machine blowing is hot air. In fact, it is the principle of discharging heat when liquefying (changing from gas to liquid) and absorbing heat when vaporizing (changing from liquid to gas) that we learned in junior high school physics.

Environmentally friendly air regulators work on the following principles.

The water in the tank is pumped out uninterruptedly with a circulating pump and sprayed evenly on the evaporative filter layer through the cloth water system. The hot outdoor air enters the evaporative cooling medium and the air regulator fully exchanges heat with the water in the air regulator evaporative cooling medium CELDEK (a special material honeycomb filter layer, which makes the cooling effect more ideal), and the cool, clean air cooled by water evaporation and heat absorption is sent into the room by The cool, clean air cooled by water evaporation and heat absorption is pressurized and sent into the room by a low-noise fan so that the hot indoor air is exhausted to the outdoors to achieve the purpose of indoor cooling.

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