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Rodless air cylinder-related knowledge

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In mechanical design, the use of air cylinders is very widespread, from large lifting equipment to small position transmission, air cylinders can play a role, here we share with you the basic requirements that we must pay attention to when choosing air cylinders.

Here is the content list:

  • Rodless air cylinder principle

  • Rodless air cylinder classification

  • Rodless air cylinder features

Rodless air cylinder principle

Rodless air cylinder and common air cylinder working principle, sealing form is different, the piston rod inside the permanent magnet drive the piston rod outside the other magnet (moving parts), it is very high requirements for environmental cleanliness. The rodless air cylinder has a piston, but no piston rod, the piston device in the guide, and the external load to the piston are connected to the action of the air intake. Magnetic coupling type of movement is the use of a hollow piston rod inside the permanent magnet to drive the piston rod outside the movement of another magnet to achieve, because of its fast speed, high load inside and outside the magnetic ring easy to disconnect, so now less used. The size of the load mass needs to find the characteristic curve of its mass and speed. Now the mechanical type is used more.

Rodless air cylinder classification

The rodless air cylinder is divided into magnetic couple rodless air cylinder and mechanical contact rodless air cylinder rodless less air cylinder is the use of the piston directly or the way to connect the external implementation of machinery, and make it follow the piston to achieve reciprocating movement of the air cylinder, the biggest advantage of this air cylinder is to save installation space.

(1) magnetic coupling rodless air cylinder.

Piston through the magnetic force to drive the air cylinder outside the moving body to do the synchronous movement. Its working principle: in the piston installed a set of high magnetic permanent magnetic ring, magnetic lines through the thin-walled air cylinder, and another set of magnetic rings outside the role, due to two sets of magnetic ring magnetic opposite, with a strong suction force. When the piston is pushed by the air pressure inside the air cylinder, the magnetic force will move the magnetic rings outside the air cylinder together. Air cylinder piston thrust must be compatible with the suction force of the magnetic ring.

(2) Mechanical contact rodless air cylinder

In the air cylinder tube axially open a groove, piston, and Shangzhi in the upper part of the groove to move. In order to prevent leakage and dust control needs, in the opening part of the stainless steel sealing belt and dustproof stainless steel belt fixed at both ends of the air cylinder cover, the piston frame through the slot, the piston, and Shangzhi are connected together drive the actuator fixed on Shangzhi to achieve reciprocating motion.

Rodless air cylinder features

1、Compared with the ordinary air cylinder, the mounting device can be reduced by 1/2 under the same stroke.

2、No need to set an anti-rotation mechanism.

3、Applicable to the air cylinder bore 10-80mm, the maximum stroke can reach 41.5m.

4、Speed 10m/s.

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