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About Pneumatic Fitting product selection and confirmation

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Pneumatic Fitting is a type of quick coupling that uses pressure to actuate and is ideal for automated test connections because it can be used without human intervention. With the rapid development of industrial technology and the replacement of manual operation by automation, the application area of Pneumatic Fitting is becoming more and more popular, and WENZHOU ANGRUI MACHINER Co. ANGRUI has formed a comprehensive pneumatic product line with Pneumatic Fitting as the starting point, which has made ANGRUI brand recognized by many equipment manufacturers. Many people also call Pneumatic Fitting quick coupling and quick release coupling. Although the names are different, as long as you master the basic three points, you can judge the coupling and select the type. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Structure

  • Confirming the outer diameter or inner diameter of the air tube

  • Verify the thread


The so-called structural form is the appearance of the Pneumatic Fitting to consider the direction of distribution, diversion, and connection. For example, T-type EPE, Y-type EPY, and straight EPC are all defined by the appearance of the structural form. If the customer does not know the product to confirm remotely, taking pictures to confirm is the most direct method.

Confirming the outer diameter or inner diameter of the air tube

Based on confirming the structural form, we need to confirm the outer diameter or inner diameter of the insertion tube. Generally, Pneumatic Fitting is designed for quick insertion of an air tube, so it is necessary to confirm the outer diameter or inner diameter of the air tube. For example, the EPU8 is a straight-through fitting, and both ends are inserts. Just confirm the outside diameter of the insertion tube. General metric tubing, such as 4MM, 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 14MM, and 16MM, there are also some other uncommon imperial outside diameter tubing. To confirm, look at the Pneumatic Fitting blue top number or caliper for the outside diameter of the tubing.

Verify the thread

For Pneumatic Fitting with threads, you need to confirm the thread specifications, there are many thread specifications, the common ones are R thread (also called PT thread) and G thread, R thread is the most common. Generally, 1/8 is commonly called 1 point, 1/4 is commonly called 2 points, 3/4 is commonly called 3 points, and 1/2 is commonly called 4 points. It is easy to measure the outside diameter and pitch of the thread with professional tools such as calipers and dental gauges or find a confirmed internal thread hole to screw down to determine the accuracy.

For example, the most common EPC8-02, EPC represents the structure of Pneumatic Fitting, 8 is the outside diameter of the air tube 8MM, and 02 represents the thread PT1/4.

ANGRUI provides customers with the best service and the most suitable price, not only to ensure the quality but also to let customers feel "buy with confidence, use with confidence". If there is anything else you want to know, please feel free to contact us at Our company adheres to the corporate culture of "quality-oriented, customer first", and always strives to become a professional Pneumatic Fitting supplier in the industry.

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