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Air Blow Gun Common Intake Types and Safety Standards

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To choose the right Air Blow Gun, you must first check the maximum pressure that can be applied. First, it is important to check the type and size of your input connection to match the air compressor hose. Then, the Air Blow Gun's nozzle should be selected to ensure the proper output port for your application. Depending on the trigger design, the output of compressed air can be constant or adjustable. Next, let's take a look at the common Air Blow Gun intake types and safety standards. Here are some answers.

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  • Air Blow Gun common intake types.

  • Air Blow Gun safety standards.

Air Blow Gun common intake types.

The Air Blow Gun is a device used for applications that require compressed air, such as debris removal, non-contact drying, and blowing. It consists of a nozzle attached to a pipe that provides a steady stream of compressed air. It is commonly used in laboratories and manufacturing industries. The Air Blow Gun is equipped with a variety of input port types for safe and easy connection to compressed air supplies. Typically, Air Blow Gun has a female thread, so they connect to a fitting with a male thread and a hose barb or pneumatic fitting on the other end.

Hose Barb

A hose barb is an accessory typically used to connect and secure pneumatic tools, hoses, or tubing. They are usually made of plastic, steel, or brass. The male threads of the hose barb connect to the Air Blow Gun and the hose barb connects to the tube or hose. The barb ring allows for an easy, leak-free connection. Often, hose barbs are further secured in place using hose clamps.

Pneumatic Couplings

A pneumatic coupling connects a compressed air tool to a compressed air line. The Air Blow Gun can be easily connected or disconnected from the air supply line under pressure. It consists of a quick coupling and an insert or coupling with the plug side following a common style, making it interchangeable, such as the Euro Coupling or Orion Coupling style. When disconnecting the plug side, the system will remain pressurized, allowing you to quickly and easily disconnect and connect different tools using the same connection.

Air Blow Gun safety standards.

Air Blow Guns can be dangerous if used improperly. They can produce loud noises that can cause hearing loss, particles projected into the air through compressed air can get into your eyes and cause irritation and infection, and if compressed air enters your body through your skin, it can cause injury itself. In the United States, the Air Blow Gun shall comply with OSHA regulations regarding the Air Blow Gun. 29 CFR Part 1910.242(b) of the OSHA regulations states that compressed air shall not be used for cleaning purposes unless the compressed air is reduced below 30 psi (200 kPa) and only effective protective equipment is used.

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