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Air regulator overview and purchase method

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Air regulators are devices used to provide the air temperature, relative humidity, and air cleanliness required for indoor human comfort or production plants. Air regulators sometimes also include air delivery systems. Air conditioning devices are used to purify, heat or cool, humidify or dehumidify the air to control indoor temperature and humidity and the content of pollutants (such as particles), while also replacing some of the dirty air with fresh air to ensure the oxygen content of indoor air. Such equipment has become an important system component in modern buildings and high-precision factories. So what do you know about air regulators, let's take a look?

Here is the content list:

  • Overview of air regulators

  • How to buy air regulators

Overview of air regulators

An air regulator is equipped with a ventilation fan, a filtration unit, an air cooling unit, a heating unit, a humidification unit, etc. The filter is a device consisting of several filter plates, which can filter impurities and dust. Generally, the air is allowed to pass through the wire or fiber mesh first, and then through the filter plate made of porous materials, such as coarse-porous foam, or the zigzag pathway made of wrinkled steel skin with grease to keep the dust sticking. Air regulator to reduce the noise transmitted to the fan through the air duct, the fan is equipped with an anechoic chamber at the outlet. Airflow from the fan, the first flow through a section of the surface gradually expanding flare, when flowing into the anechoic chamber, due to the sudden expansion of the section, so that the wind speed significantly reduced so that the airflow of low-frequency sound can be attenuated. In addition, the inner wall of the air regulator is generally affixed with about 50mm of foam to absorb high-frequency sound waves, so that the noise of the air regulator can be reduced to within the permitted range.

How to buy air regulators

1. Shape: the shape of the main cabinet, wall-mounted, window, etc., in the choice, mainly according to their preferences and placement, which is convenient, choose which.

2. Brand: in general, the air regulator brand products will generally be better than no-name product quality, so when choosing, you can try to choose a big brand, better quality air conditioning products. For large brands of products, although the selling price will generally be more expensive, the use of the process will be more power saving, and after-sales service will be better.

3. Appearance: now the air regulator is not only for use, more as a decorative item to decorate the home appliances. So in the purchase, you can choose the right product appearance according to the style of their home decoration.

4. Heart: the core building block of the air regulator is the compressor, and whether the compressor is good or bad determines the quality of air conditioning, so when choosing, you must pay attention to the quality of the compressor.

5. The size of the power: in the purchase, according to the size of the area used to choose the size of the air conditioning power. Generally speaking, small rooms choose a smaller power, while the room asked larger, choose high-powered air conditioning.

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