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Structure of air cylinder

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The air cylinder is the air cylinder to guides the piston in the air cylinder for linear reciprocating motion of the cylindrical metal parts. Air in the engine air cylinder through the expansion of thermal energy into mechanical energy; Gas in the compressor air cylinder to accept the piston compression and increase the pressure. The air cylinder is composed of an air cylinder barrel, end cap, piston, piston rod, seals, etc.

Here is the content list:

  • Air cylinder

  • End cap

  • Piston

  • Piston rod

  • Seal ring

Air cylinder

The bore of the air cylinder represents the size of the output force of the air cylinder. The piston has to do smooth reciprocating sliding in the air cylinder barrel, the surface roughness of the air cylinder barrel should reach Ra 0.8μm.

End cap

End cap with exhaust port, some also have a buffer mechanism in the end cap. The rod side end cover is equipped with a seal and dust ring to prevent air leakage from the piston rod and to prevent external dust from mixing into the air cylinder. Rod side end cover with guide sleeve, to improve the air cylinder guidance accuracy, to bear a small amount of lateral load on the piston rod, reduce the piston rod out when the amount of downward bending, extend the life of the air cylinder. Guide sleeve usually uses sintered oil alloy, and forward bronze casting. End caps were commonly used in the past malleable cast iron, to reduce weight and rust, often using aluminum die-casting, micro air cylinder with brass material.


The piston is the air cylinder under pressure parts. In order to prevent the piston left and right two cavities of mutual air, with a piston seal. The wear ring on the piston can improve the orientation of the air cylinder, reduce the wear of the piston seal, and reduce friction resistance. Wear-resistant ring long use of polyurethane, polytetrafluoroethylene, sandwich cloth synthetic resin, and other materials. The width of the piston is determined by the size of the seal ring and the necessary length of the sliding part. The sliding part is too short and easy to cause early wear and seizure. The material of the piston is commonly used aluminum alloy and cast iron, and the piston of the small air cylinder is made of brass.

Piston rod

The piston rod is the most important force part in the air cylinder. Usually use high carbon steel, the surface by hard chrome plating treatment, or use stainless steel, to prevent corrosion, and improve the wear resistance of the seal.

Seal ring

Rotary or reciprocating motion at the parts of the seal is called dynamic seal, static parts of the seal calla ed static seal. The connection methods between the air cylinder barrel and end cover are mainly as follows. Integral type, riveted type, threaded coupling type, flange type, tie rod type. Air cylinder works rely on the oil mist in the compressed air to the piston for lubrication. There are also a small number of lubrication-free air cylinders.

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