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Trends and performance and indicators of air regulators.

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Stereotyped products assembled with compressors, evaporative cooling coils, condensers, filters, motors, fans, and automatic control devices, abbreviated as air regulators, also known as air conditioning units. Air regulators are in various forms, flexible in use, compact in structure, and easy to install. So do you understand the development trend of air regulators and performance and indicators? Let's take a look next.

Here is the content list:

  • Air regulator development trend  

  • Performance and technical index of air regulator

Air regulator development trend  

First of all, the heat pump-type air regulator will take priority. Because it has a cooling and heating function, and a high utilization rate, air regulators will be computerized. The remote control device (remote control limited distance of 7m) and electronic thermostat controller will be used in the air regulator to make the air regulator run smoothly and reasonably and control easily. Air regulators reduce energy consumption and improve comfort. Reasonable matching of the refrigeration system and air circulation system, evaporator and condenser structure improvement, electrical system science, reasonable control, etc., can achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption. Especially in the air regulator widely used rotary compressor and inverter motor compressor set, greatly improve the performance coefficient of the air regulator (that is, the air regulator for cooling operation, cooling, and cooling the ratio of power consumption). The variable frequency air regulator can adjust the compressor motor speed by changing the power supply frequency to produce different cooling capacities. According to the temperature requirements of the room, the air regulator controls the number of times the compressor starts and stops by itself, so that the room temperature fluctuates little, not only to achieve reasonable operation and save power but also to improve the comfort of users. The air regulator adopts mixed refrigerant. The refrigerant R13B1 is added to the Freon refrigerant R22 in the refrigeration system, and the refrigerant R13B1 can absorb heat from the outside air below the freezing point, and can get a good heating effect when the outside temperature is below 0℃; while the refrigerant R22 works when the outside temperature is high. Therefore, the reasonable use of mixed refrigerants can also achieve the purpose of energy-saving.

Performance and technical index of air regulator

The main performance of the air regulator is measured from the following three aspects: cooling capacity, unit power cooling capacity, and noise. Unit power cooling capacity is the ratio of the measured cooling capacity to the electrical power consumed under standard working conditions. It indicates the consumption of 1kw-h degrees of electrical energy obtained per hour of cooling capacity. Unit power cooling capacity reflects the economy of the air regulator in the process of use. The larger the value, the more energy-efficient the air regulator is. The air regulator energy efficiency ratio label divides air regulator energy efficiency into five levels, of which level 1 is the highest and level 5 is the lowest.

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